Start Pack

Start Pack

I’ve put together this starter pack just to give you an idea of what to expect over the coming weeks. Please take the time to read it carefully.

One thing I will lay out to begin with is I don’t believe in quick fixes or taking short cuts. We will do this the right way so that when you finish your time with me you can continue to work by yourself to become the best version of yourself. Everything we do here will have a big focus on sustainability. I can and will assist you in achieving your goals, I just want you to have realistic expectations before we begin. 

Week 1 I want the focus to be on your training so I’m not going to get you to make any changes to your diet yet. Instead I am just going to get you to track what you eat as accurately and as honestly as possible on the meal tracker on the website. 

Yes the first week will be a pain with the amount of tracking involved but it will get easier, and I would not get you to do it if I did not think it was absolutely necessary. 

Rather than prescribing any extra cardio to begin with I will instead advise that you aim to get a minimum of 10000 steps daily. This can be achieved by making little changes in your daily lifestyle. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Parking at the far side of the car park and walking the extra distance to your destination. Or if you live in the UAE parking at the opposite side of the mall to your destination. Standing up and walking around every time you are on the phone. Or you may need to go for a 15-20 minute walk in the morning or evening depending on your schedule. 

I’d strongly recommend you take some progress photos before you begin. One from the front side and back. The scales will not be an accurate representation of your progress. I will ask you to take the same photo in front of the same mirror in the same lighting at the same angle at the end of the plan. 

Socialising on plan

As regards socialising while on plan, realize that the weekend accounts for 42% of the week. So if you eat well Monday to Thursday track every calorie, hit your protein goal daily, smash every gym session, then Friday evening rolls around and it’s a blurry haze of bars restaurants takeaways and regret until Monday morning then realize that your efforts during the week will all be for nothing. Yes you can have a meal out every now and again, but try and make it fit into your daily calorie allowance (which you can get on the home page). Yes you can go for drinks at the weekend but if you decide to drink and take on a tonne of extra calories from alcohol then make sure you prepare your own meals that day. Make the conscious choice to either indulge in food or drink at the weekend, not both. Also if you do drink, then try to limit yourself to one takeaway the following day. I don’t mean just eat one meal, I mean don’t have Dominos for breakfast KFC for dinner and chinese for tea. 

When going out for food then the same rules apply, prioritize protein on your plate, load up with veggies and aim for a form of complex carbohydrate (see nutrition guide). Opt for sauces on the side rather than having your meal swimming in sauce that is undoubtedly full of oil, butter or sugar. Did you know that there are more calories in a caesar salad than there would be in a burger? All down to the amount of dressing used. Opt for a diet or zero cal drink too. 

If you have a big weekend coming up and you’re unsure of how to factor it in, just ask me. 

My expectations of you

I will be designing a plan based on the amount of days you told me you can devote to the gym. However many days you have said you will train I expect you to stick to that. Life will not come to a stand still just because you have invested in a trainer (unfortunately) so if you can’t make the gym some night for whatever reason I expect you to get there some other night that week that you wouldn’t usually train. 

If you are having any problems with diet training or otherwise then I expect you to tell me. I am not a mind reader. I aim to check in with all clients twice a week, one formal and one informal. Use this as your opportunity to bring up any problems. Also feel free to contact me at any time via whats app with any questions or concerns. 

Also, as I can’t guarantee an immediate response, I never expect an immediate response from anyone. But I do expect you to reply to me at some point. Online coaching can only work if there is adequate communication. So if I am constantly messaging you and you are not replying to me then I cannot help you.

I expect the formal check in to be done on time weekly. I need this to be done on time so I have adequate time to go through everyone’s replies and make any alterations to their plans. 

I cannot do the work for you, I can only give you guidance on what it is you need to do. So I expect that you do everything I suggest to the best of your ability. If you do two half assed sessions a week when you should be doing four, don’t fuel your body properly with correct nutrition and don’t recover properly then no amount of my time will get you your desired results. 

I reserve the right to cancel your plan if you are not fulfilling these expectations. Not because I want to make a few quick quid, that’s not why I got into this. But if you are not putting the effort on your side then you are wasting both of our time. 

Check ins

I want you to check in at the beginning of every weekend. That may be a Friday morning or a Saturday morning depending where in the world you are. 

At the end of week 1,3,5 and 7 I want general feedback. In this I need you to be as detailed as possible. How you are managing the training, how your energy levels & hunger levels are on average. How are you sleeping. The more information you can give me the better. 

At the end of week 2,4,6 and 8 I want physical measurements to be taken. I need these to be done first thing in the morning so you are in a fasted state. I need a weight measurement and I also need you to measure your waist, ensuring you are measuring in a straight line around your belly button. 

The only exception to this will be if you are due to submit physical measurements and you have plans for the night before such as a meal out or a few drinks then I’ll ask to do the physical measurements a day earlier. A high carb/high salt meal or a few drinks will affect body composition. 

Progress photos to be sent at the end of your plan. 

A few of my training non negotiables:

Form is crucial. You need to know how to perform each and every exercise correctly and how to take the movement through the full range of motion. If you aren’t sure how to perform any of the exercises then speak up and ask me.

Time under tension is most effective way to lift regardless of your goal. When performing a bicep curl for example swinging up 12 fast reps won’t do much good. Remember in the gym you are trying to tear down muscle fibres, so slow controlled movements are going to be much more beneficial. If that means you need to drop the weight then so be it. 

Leave your ego at the door. Remember your goal. The unfortunate truth is nobody actually cares what you lift in the gym so focus instead on how you lift not what you lift.

Mind muscle connection – say you are performing a bent over barbell row, you should be able to feel your lats, biceps and possibly forearms being engaged throughout the entire movement. If not you need to readjust your form, maybe you need to drop the weight. So for all exercises you do you should be able to feel that muscle being engaged throughout the movement. Also on that as everyone’s anatomy is different there might be some movements you might find absolutely no benefit from. If that is the case let me know and we can sort an alternative.

Fine print:

Clients may choose to pause their plan once during their program if needs be. Any more than this you are wasting both mine and your time as you will make very little if any progress. 

No refunds once the plan has been designed. 

Paudie Moore

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