Eggy Bread

Eggy Bread


2 slices wholemeal bread (sourdough used here) 

1 whole egg 

2 egg whites 

10g mozzarella 

20g pizza sauce (waitrose) 

½ onion chopped 

½ red pepper chopped 

1 clove of garlic diced finely 

1tbsp soy sauce (optional)

1tsp paprika 

1tsp oregano 


Cals: 500kcal

Carbs: 56g

Pro: 30g

Fat: 12g

Servings: 1


1. Place a pan on medium heat and add a light coating of spray oil.

2. Add in onions and garlic and fry for two to three minutes. 

3. Add in red pepper and soy sauce and allow to simmer for two to three more minutes.

4. While waiting for this to finish, place a second pan on medium heat and give a light coating of spray oil.

5. Add the egg and egg whites to a bowl, beat the eggs and add in the oregano and paprika. 

6. Place the eggs into the pan and quickly place the two slices of bread on top.

7. Flip the bread around almost immediately and wait for the eggs to cook on one side. This should take a minute or two. 

8. Flip both bread slices around and allow the other side to cook.

9. Add the cheese, pizza sauce onions and peppers onto one slice of the bread. Flip the other slice of bread on top. Leaving you with an eggy bread sandwich.

Paudie Moore

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