Hip Hinge

Hip Hinge

The hip hinge is a vital component of deadlifts, romanian deadlifts and kettlebells swings.

Do this wrong and you could end up with serious lower back pain.

So it’s worth spending some time perfecting the technique of this move before progressing.

Use a straight bar, broomstick, plastic pipe whatever you have at your disposal.

Place the bar on the midline of your back. You should have three points of contact at all times with the bar:

  1. Base of the spine
  2. Upper middle back (between shoulder blades)
  3. Back of your head.

Stand about half a foot from a wall.

Feet shoulder width apart or a little wider depending on what feels more natural to you.

Toes pointing slightly outward.

Your knees should be soft meaning they are not fully extended but they are fixed in this position.

Shift your weight into your heels.

Engage your core.

Then focus on driving your hips back until your butt touches the wall.

Once you can do this properly for a number of reps step forward a little and try again. Repeat until you reach your maximum range, where you can no longer maintain the three points of contact.


Paudie Moore

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